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American Rucker is dedicated to providing high quality custom sporting & outdoors garments, equipment, and education at a reasonable price. 

     The idea of American Rucker formed over a couple of beers in the pub after a hard RUCKING rugby session. A couple of Coaches were discussing the effectiveness of video sessions before practice, educating the players, and leading to less frustration when teaching drills.  The player response was phenomenal and soon there were requests on a regular basis for new drills. Coaches and Players from other teams were asking if we, soon to become American Rucker, could help their teams too. As we developed relationships with Teams, we realized that most of them were struggling to make ends meet. They were stretching themselves thin and not giving their Sponsors/Supporter/Members the full value for their financial commitment. No fault to the Clubs as the people running them were more focused on putting a Team together and being ready for kickoff.  American Rucker came in to help!

     Having experience in starting and managing clubs, manufacturing, retail, and rugby, American Rucker jumped at the opportunity to help.  We are now supporting and supplying teams throughout the US, and our reach is growing.

     Our Ruckers have worked hard to get to a point where we are in a winning position. It's the work off the pitch that will produce the best results!


Here is a nice little testimonial from the University of Iowa Rugby Coach:

"We did an extensive kit search for the best combination of quality and cost effectiveness we could find for both our men's and women's programs uniforms. American Rucker met both criteria. American Rucker was a great help with creative design, marketing and sizing. They were also fun to work with and were always responsive and flexible. Good order to delivery speed too. We are very satisfied and will continue to use American Rucker."
Jim Estes
Head Coach
University of Iowa Rugby